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24 Reasons Farmers and Working Class Nigerians Trust Farm4Me

24 Reasons Farmers and Working Class Nigerians Trust Farm4Me

Farm4Me has carved a niche for herself as the No.1 Agritech Company in Nigeria. We are pioneering 100% farm ownership in Nigeria. We are also the No.1 Farm Equipment Rental Service in Nigeria.

Find below 21 reasons why you are to patronize Farm4Me Services:

  1. Farm4Me is the No.1 Agritech Company in Nigeria.
  2. We rank first on the Google search page for Agritech Company in Nigeria.
  3. We are the No.1 Farm Equipment Rentals in Nigeria.
  4. We rank first on Google Search page for Farm Equipment Rentals in Nigeria.
  5. We are the first Agriculture Startup in Nigeria to offer 100% farm ownership.
  6. Farm4Me is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Farm4Me Agriculture Limited with a registered business address.
  7. All our Farms are insured by Leadway Assurance Company.
  8. We have a human face – Adama J. Adama is the Founder and CEO of Farm4Me.
  9. Farm4Me Services have flexible and competitive prices so every Nigerian can afford.
  10. We have the largest farmland available for farming as a private entity. Over 254, 000 hectares of farmland available.
  11. We charge the cheapest price in Nigeria for our farm management service.
  12. We charge the cheapest price in Nigeria for our farm equipment rental service.
  13. We are trusted by State Governments as their Partners.
  14. We process the largest hectarage of farm projects with Individual Clients in thousands of hectares.
  15. We are pioneers of online farming in Nigeria. We are taking digital agriculture to the next level.
  16. We are empowering ordinary Nigerians with the tools and skills for mechanized agriculture. We make tractors and farm equipment  available for smallholder farmers and farming cooperatives in Nigeria.
  17. We are connecting Farmers and Commodity Traders directly with Off Takers through Viable X.
  18. We are creating markets for agricultural produce in Nigeria.
  19. We are reducing the crisis of food wastage in Nigeria.
  20. We are on a mission to end hunger and poverty in Nigeria and contribute to global food security.
  21. We are creating jobs for vulnerable women and youths in rural and last mile communities in Nigeria.
  22. We are building the agricultural manpower of the nation on mechanized agriculture and global best practices.
  23. We are engaging idle and jobless youths and curbing social ills in communities across Nigeria.
  24. We are contributing immensely to the growth of the agriculture sector in Nigeria.

We will be glad to welcome you to our community of happy clients. To Sign Up for farming click here. To request for our farm equipment rental service, Contact Us!


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  1. adio Sunday says:

    Where are farm4me offices located?

  2. Adio Sunday says:

    Also, where is farm4me farm land located?

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