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5 Agribusiness Opportunities for Nigerian Youths in 2020

5 Agribusiness Opportunities for Nigerian Youths in 2020

5 agribusiness opportunities for Nigerian youths in 2020

Nigeria has one of the highest unemployment rate in the world. 23.1% in the last quarter of 2019 and expected to hit 33.5% in 2020. Sorry to disappoint you, things are not going to be better in terms of job opportunities in 2020.

But the good news is that agribusiness offers a great hope in the horizon. Akinwumi Adesina the President of African Development Bank projected that “the size of the food and agriculture market in Africa will rise to $1 trillion by 2030. So if you are thinking of what business to do in Africa, it is agriculture”.

A lot of Nigerian youths are not interested in agriculture because of how they saw their grand parents and parents labored in vain farming at subsistence level. These Farmers work like elephants but eat like ants. Expend manual labor to till the ground and still ending up with low yield.

But the tides have changed. We are now in a new era. Our generation cannot toe the paths of our ancestors. Modern farming is 95% technology and only 5% human labour.

Mechanized agriculture makes it very easy to farm a large expanse of land, use improved seeds and apply organic fertilizer for high yield.

The purpose of this article is to let you know that you mustn’t own a farm to make money from agriculture. We shall be listing the various opportunities available for Nigerian Youths.

5 Agribusiness Opportunities for Nigerian Youths in 2020:
  1. Make money from having the contacts of all Tractor Owners or Operators in your city or state. Contact us if you have the list, and we will make you our Tractor Booking Agent in your locality. You will make money from getting tractor hiring jobs from Farm4Me. Once any of our Clients want a tractor in your locality, we will contact you. You will make good money booking tractors for our clients.
  2. Make money from having contacts of all Land Owners in your state or area. Contact us if you have the list and we will make you our Farm land Broker in that locality. You will make money helping our clients to lease farm lands from these Land Owners as frequent as can make you rich. A lot of young guys are already making good money off farm land leasing for our Clients across Nigeria. Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Benue, Jigawa, Bauchi, Edo, Taraba and all over Nigeria.
  3. Make money from having the contacts of Farmers or local farm produce traders. Your job is to simply become a member of Viable X and you will be notified from time to time on bulk orders from our Big Clients. We receive unending orders for agriculture commodity and we rely on Viable X members to fulfill them. You will make millions of Naira organizing and supplying commodities to bulk Buyers in Nigeria and Overseas.
  4. Make money by initiating deals with state governments in Nigeria. Farm4Me is into public private sector partnership with some state governments in Nigeria. We power their agricultural agencies by offering bespoke agribusiness services, training and consultancy. We are scaling this across the 36 states in Nigeria. So help us secure deals and make money off it. All you need to do is to link us up with an influential government Insider. Once we seal the deal, you have your percentage commission. You will also work with us throughout the duration of the project.
  5. Make money managing our clients farm. Farm management is a lucrative career right now in Nigeria. We will train you to become a Farm Manager and deploy you to manage one of our large farming projects scattered across Nigeria. The job comes with mouth watering perks and incentives.

With the above mentioned agribusiness opportunities, no Nigerian youths can complain about joblessness anymore. Except you are a lazy Nigerian youth, there is an opportunity for you in Agriculture. Draw your sleeves, load your phone with airtime and internet data and start gathering information on who has what and we will help link you up with who needs what.

The best days are here! We are on a mission to create 1 million jobs for Nigerian youths through agriculture. Join us today! Contact Us or Call +2347000230230



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  1. Toyin Yusuf says:

    What are your plans for cattle farmers?

  2. Toyin Yusuf says:

    What are your plans for cattle farmers?Do farmers have to look for land or you’ll do that for them?

  3. Yekeen moruff ajasa says:

    How may I benefit from this farm4me sir or ma? I show much like agribusiness but I don’t have cash.

  4. Richard Osuagwu says:

    How can I be a farm Manager?

  5. Good Evening, Farm4Me Admin
    I am an Agricultural administration Student at Federal University of agriculture abeokuta
    As a full time student, what area of Agribusiness can I do without capital?? That will make me financially independent,

  6. Isiogu ruth Ifeoma says:

    I want to be a farm manager.. how can I do that

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