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5 Crops You Can Farm To Become a Millionaire in Nigeria

5 Crops You Can Farm To Become a Millionaire in Nigeria

5 crops that can make you a millionaire

The recurring question we receive is what crop do you advise me to farm? Our simple answer to the question is the list below.

Farm the following crops and you will make good money in 2020:

  1. Melon (Egusi) is the highest selling produce right now. It is in high demand in Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora are in need of its supply. It is the most subscribed on our investment table.
  2. Sesame (beniseed) is the most demanded crop. We receive regular orders to supply sesame seed that we cannot fulfill. The profit margin is also very high. It is easier to farm and cheaper too.
  3. Soya Beans is the second most demanded crop to farm. The market for it is high and the profit is decent enough. We have Off Takers for soya beans.
  4. Long Grain Rice is the third most demanded grain. It is very difficult to farm. Also very costly too. But you will make decent money from it once it is harvest time. We have Off Takers for Rice.
  5. Sorghum is the 4th most demanded grain. It is not too difficult to plant. But hard to harvest. We have Off Takers for sorghum. We have more orders than we can supply.

Now you have it. You can make your choice wisely. So you know exactly what to farm.

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9 Responses

  1. Ayodele Ayenitaju says:

    Do you have adequate protection of crops against Fulani heardsmen and their cattle?

  2. Ani James says:

    Please don’t lower investment like 100k it isn’t fair

  3. Mainas Ayuba says:

    I am a native of and leaves in Bauchi as a Community Development Worker. I have been involved in some wet farming activities over the years.

    How can i become a partner of Farm4me in 2021 season? I have a land to cultivate Sorghum.

    Thank you

  4. James says:

    Please, I want to confirm after one has invest in a farm. Will he be issue a certificate to confirm that he has invest in that particular farm and the duration.

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