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8 Most Trustworthy Digital Agriculture Investment Platforms in Nigeria

8 Most Trustworthy Digital Agriculture Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Farm4Me - 8 Most Trustworthy Agriculture Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Our site visitors have been flooding us with calls and emails to verify how trustworthy are some of the agriculture investment platforms out there. This article is our answer that persistent questions.

We were so worried and wearied by the questions that we added a disclaimer to the article “Agritech Companies in Nigeria“.

The following are the 8 trustworthiness factors to consider before investing in any agriculture investment platforms in Nigeria:

  1. Search on Corporate Affairs Commission to see if the company or it’s parent company is registered and double check on the registered business address.
  2. Confirm their office address and if possible pay a visit if it is near you.
  3. Research about the credibility of the Founder(s). If the platform has no human faces to it, don’t bother invest with it. E.g google Adama J. Adama, the founder of Farm4Me.
  4. The bank account number shouldn’t be different from the company or parent company’s name.
  5. Check if the agriculture investment platform works with an insurance company. In Nigeria, Leadway Assurance Company is the most popular agriculture insurance company in Nigeria.
  6. Read reviews about the agric investment platform online. Read everything you can written against the platform. This may not be the true test since some reviews may be malicious.
  7. Ask for other people’s opinion of the agriculture investment platform on forums such as Nairaland to get the public’s reaction before you make your investment.
  8. Finally, go with your instinct. If you feel resistance in your heart, pause and think twice.

Top 8 trustworthy farm investment platforms in Nigeria

The following are our top 8 agriculture investment platforms in Nigeria:

  1. Farmcrowdy
  2. Thrive Agric
  3. Farm4Me
  4. EZ-Farming
  5. Farmkart
  6. PayFarmer
  7. FarmFunded
  8. SmartFarm


The above listed digital agriculture investment platforms meet some of the factors we listed above and that is what informed our recommending them as the top 8. This is in no way saying that we are responsible for any losses that come with investing with them.

The above 8 agriculture investment platforms are not just the best out there but based on our findings are trustworthy. There are several other platforms out there that are trustworthy too. So we advise that you do your due diligence and make investment wisely.


7 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    Need to clear doubts…tou know waht they said..if it sounds too good to be true… send me a ni. nd offuce address.

  2. Lanre Oladoja says:

    This is amazing!!!. Please do you have any office in Lagos or Ibadan that I can contact?, If yes, please me have the address. Thank you.

  3. Hector says:

    I did not find any insurance company backing you up or approve by CBN, prove me wrong

  4. OBIKWE NWANDU says: Pls are you aware of this company? do you know anything about them?

  5. Abel says:

    With all that is going on with Thrive, should we be worried for you? Please send out a reassuring mail to your customers or something.

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