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Agritech Companies in Nigeria

Agritech Companies in Nigeria

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Nigeria is currently experiencing a quiet digital revolution. Some young Nigerians are disrupting the oldest sector by providing digital solutions to the myriads of problems and challenges small holder Farmers face in Africa.

These Innovators are offering fresh perspective to an otherwise old system of peasant farming. They bring to the table new farm inputs, better wages for farm labour and global best practices in Agriculture.

This is getting the millennial excited and they are investing their pockets of money into agriculture. Working class Adults are engaging these agritech startups and it is increasingly becoming an amazing phenomenon. With Farmcrowdy leading with the market share with the advantage of the first comer and huge market capitalization. Thrive Agric and Farm4Me are trailing behind and giving these digital natives good offer and value for their money.

What makes a startup an agritech company is their ability to use digital technology to power the various layers of services they offer online. But the main activities of farming are done on the farmland and must get you dirty. So being able to fund farms and having these agritech companies as Farm Managers makes you a Digital Farmer.

Digital solutions such as online payments, online stores, logistics, precision agriculture, invented farm tools and machines, satellite monitoring, microloans, and smart contracts. these startups are providing the needed infrastructure to birth the next agricultural revolution in Nigeria -Agric 3.0.

Featured below are some of the Agritech Startups we could profile

  1. Farmcrowdy 
  2. Thrive Agric
  3. Farm4Me
  4. Growsel
  5. Zenvus
  6. Verdant Agritech
  7. Releaf
  8. Xtralarge Farms
  9. FarmCafe
  10. FarmSponsor
  11. Ogleji
  12. Agrecourse
  13. Agrorite
  14. PocketFarm
  15. Agrodomain
  16. Chubi Agro
  17. Farmer Outlets
  18. PayFarmers
  19. FarmFunded
  21. Cloud Farm Funds
  22. Viable X
  23. FarmCenta
  25. EZ-Farming
  26. Farmkart
  27. SmartFarm
  28. Farmkonnect
  29. Farmsquare
  30. Groupfarma
  31. Porkvest
  32. Nigeria Farmers Group
  33. EFarmers
  34. AgroXchange
  35. Farmally
  36. Kobo Farm
  37. Grow Crops Online
  38. Hello Tractor
  39. Afrimash
  40. AgricDemy
  42. Novus Agro
  43. Agroyields
  44. ePoultry.NG
  45. AgroNigeria.NG
  46. My Farm Base Africa
  47. Crop2Cash
  48. AgroInfoTech
  49. Farm Partner
  50. Agritech Nigeria
  51. Rice Invest
  52. Green Eagles Agribiz
  53. Abadini



Farm4Me will not be held responsible for investment decisions made to patronize the above listed businesses. We are by no means recommending these services to our site visitors for investment.

Do your due diligence to verify them before making investments. We are not responsible for any losses incurred.


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