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Agritech Startups in Nigeria

Agritech Startups in Nigeria

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Nigeria is currently experiencing an agricultural revolution. The younger generation is now turning to agriculture as a good alternative career.

These digital natives are bring their digital skills to bear in agriculture. From crowd investment platforms to satellite monitoring to digital marketing of farm produce. There are startups addressing various problems and meeting people’s needs.

The middle class and the working class Nigerians are turning to agriculture as another stream of income. They are investing money in agritech platforms with the hope of return on investment. So far farmcrowdy blazes the trail and the likes of ThriveAgric breaking new grounds.

At Farm4Me, we have taking it upon ourselves to chronicle this journey and to showcase other players in the industry.

We want you to easily discover agritech startups that meet your needs and then invest with them.

This list is a work in progress and we will be glad to have you suggest agritech sites to us to keep updating here.

Please find below the list of agritech startups in Nigeria:

  1. Farmcrowdy 
  2. Thrive Agric
  3. Farm4Me
  4. Growsel
  5. Zenvus
  6. Verdant Agritech
  7. Releaf
  8. Xtralarge Farms
  9. FarmCafe
  10. FarmSponsor
  11. Ogleji
  12. Agrecourse
  13. Agrorite
  14. PocketFarm
  15. Agrodomain
  16. Chubi Agro
  17. Farmer Outlets
  18. PayFarmers
  19. FarmFunded
  21. Cloud Farm Funds
  22. Viable X
  23. FarmCenta
  25. EZ-Farming
  26. Farmkart
  27. SmartFarm
  28. Farmkonnect
  29. Farmsquare
  30. Groupfarma
  31. Porkvest
  32. Nigeria Farmers Group
  33. EFarmers
  34. AgroXchange
  35. Farmally
  36. Kobo Farm
  37. Grow Crops Online
  38. Hello Tractor
  39. Afrimash
  40. AgricDemy
  42. Novus Agro
  43. Agroyields
  44. ePoultry.NG
  45. AgroNigeria.NG
  46. My Farm Base Africa
  47. Crop2Cash
  48. AgroInfoTech
  49. Farm Partner
  50. Agritech Nigeria
  51. Rice Invest
  52. Green Eagles Agribiz
  53. Abadini

Please kindly add more links to this links by commenting below. We will update the list.


Farm4Me will not be held responsible for investment decisions made on the websites featured above. We advise our website visitors to carry out robust investigations before deciding on what agritech company to invest in.

We have no connection with the above listed websites and will not be responsible for the losses incurred from doing business with them.


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