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The year 2020 began with so many dreams and aspiration. But a lot of those dreams were cut short due to the unforeseen pandemic that rocks the globe and also huts the economy. Nigeria was not an exception from this pandemic. For the first time in history, schools, worship places, businesses and offices were shut…
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Farm4Me - 8 Most Trustworthy Agriculture Investment Platforms in Nigeria

How To Invest In Agriculture in 2020

Happy new year! 2020 Do you want to invest in agriculture in Nigeria this year 2020? Do you want to be sure of your investment in agriculture? I guess this is the reason why you are reading this article right now. I will take you through some essential things you need to know before you…
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Why Nigerians in Diaspora Need To Invest In Agriculture

Why Nigerians in Diaspora Need To Invest In Agriculture

Israel became one of the largest exporters of farm produce because Israelis in diaspora invested in agriculture. They contributed both capital and expertise to building their agricultural sector. Nigeria is in dire need of agricultural investment from Nigerians in diaspora. Our nation is experiencing food insecurity right now. There is famine in the North Eastern…
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digital agriculture investment platforms in Nigeria

Digital Agriculture Investment Platforms in Nigeria

53 Digital Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria Farm4Me has curated this list of agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria for your easy perusal. We are not recommending them or are liable to losses accrued from dealing with them. Our aim is to simply aggregate these links so it is easier for Nigerians to discover and do…
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5 agribusiness opportunities for Nigerian youths in 2020

5 Agribusiness Opportunities for Nigerian Youths in 2020

Nigeria has one of the highest unemployment rate in the world. 23.1% in the last quarter of 2019 and expected to hit 33.5% in 2020. Sorry to disappoint you, things are not going to be better in terms of job opportunities in 2020. But the good news is that agribusiness offers a great hope in…
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group farming in nigeria

Group Farming in Nigeria

Group farming is a farming scheme involving multiple individuals who come together to share resources for the purpose of farming. They come together to contribute large farmland and money to be able to hire farm equipment, buy improved seeds, herbicides and fertilizers to farm at scale. This is slightly different from farming cooperative societies since…
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24 Reasons Farmers and Working Class Nigerians Trust Farm4Me

Farm4Me has carved a niche for herself as the No.1 Agritech Company in Nigeria. We are pioneering 100% farm ownership in Nigeria. We are also the No.1 Farm Equipment Rental Service in Nigeria. Find below 21 reasons why you are to patronize Farm4Me Services: Farm4Me is the No.1 Agritech Company in Nigeria. We rank first…
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5 crops that can make you a millionaire

5 Crops You Can Farm To Become a Millionaire in Nigeria

The recurring question we receive is what crop do you advise me to farm? Our simple answer to the question is the list below. Farm the following crops and you will make good money in 2020: Melon (Egusi) is the highest selling produce right now. It is in high demand in Nigeria and Nigerians in…
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arm equipment rental service in Nigeria

Tractor Sales and Hiring Service in Nigeria

Farm4Me is the No.1 Tractor Sales and Hiring Service in Nigeria. We have wide ranges of tractors that handle land clearing, tilling and harvesting. We have the top brands of tractors such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Mahindra and Shaktiman with their various attachments. We supply state governments in Nigeria tractors and train their staff…
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How To Make Money From Agriculture in Nigeria

There is money in agriculture. Let no one deceive you in to thinking otherwise. Food is a primary need of human beings. So there is money in food production. Money is made when you meet people’s needs. Money is the reward for solving people’s problems and meeting people’s needs. So how do you make money…
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