Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service

Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service

Farm4Me is the No.1 Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service in Nigeria.

Farm4Me in partnership with Farm Equipment Manufacturers, Leasing Companies and Government Agencies provide farm equipment sales and rental services in Nigeria.

Mechanized farming made easier and cheaper for Nigerians.

You can now rent Dozers (D7 and D8) for land clearing from us at a discounted rate.

You can now rent Tractors and Harvesters from us at a competitive rate.

You can hire Seed Planting machines from us from us at an affordable rate.

You can rent spraying machines from us at the cheapest rate in the market.

Contact us today to lease farm equipment from us.

2 thoughts on “Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service”

  1. danjuma aliyu
    danjuma aliyu November 16, 2020

    What is the price for your rice seeds or seedlings and what is the potential paddy yield per Ha?

  2. Akintayo
    Akintayo November 26, 2020



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