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Farm4Me: Our Story and the Numbers

Farm4Me: Our Story and the Numbers

Farm4Me: Our Story and the Numbers.
What started as an idea at the IFAD Value Chain Seminar held at CBN Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Makurdi in March, 2017 is fast becoming a reality.
I conceived the idea after I gave the lecture on Rice Value Chain: Agribusiness and eCommerce Opportunities. But before then, I started in 2014 as an online produce sourcing platform.
One day, we got 2 orders to supply 2 metric tonnes of sesame seeds (beniseed). We reached out to few contacts but couldn’t fulfill the order. So we folded up the platform so as to understand the market and build capacity for bulk orders. Today we have that capacity. So we are back. We now have an online shop for farm produce to curb the wastage of farm produce we experience in Benue State.
What is Farm4Me? It is a digital farming service. Digital in the sense that you are the farmer behind the screen that doesn’t get dirty. You tell us the size of farm, the crop and we give you the exact cost of labour and farm input. You release the money or part of the money and we start farming for you. You don’t lease the farmland. It is FREE!
We keep you updated on our Farm Project Dashboard, SMS and WhatsApp with progress stories, photos and videos of your farm. You can visit your farm as often as you want. It is your farm and you have 100% control over it.
But when it is harvest time, you own 70% of the total harvest while the 30% is shared between the Land Owner and Farm4Me. The Land Owner earns 20% of the total harvest and Farm4Me earns 10% for managing the farm for you.
We started with 100 hectares of farmland at Ucha village. Our first Client decided to farm the entire 100 hectares and wanted 400 hectares more. And so we have to step up our game.
So we got new partners who gave us access to over 105, 000 hectares of farmland, 5324 Farmers Cooperatives and 52345 registered farmers. That is what gave birth to our 70/30 shared success formula.
It is too early to start celebrating milestones but we are grateful to God for the journey so far. The next farming season holds great opportunities for our Digital Farmers and Partners.
You can farm without getting yourself dirty. We will show you how.
Contact us on +2349068681808 to secure your farmland ahead of the next farming season.


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