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How It Works

Farm4Me is a contract farming platform. We are different from all the agriculture investment platform out there. We are not into crowd farming.

We farm for people who love farming but don’t have the time to do it because of the nature of their work. Who are desirous of honest hands to help them manage the farm.

We make it easy for you to farm-it-yourself without getting dirty. We call it digital farming – your money farms for you.

This is How It Works:

Step 1:

Sign Up by filling this online form and in 10 minutes, you will receive the cost of production and service agreement documents via email from us. Study the documents carefully. Consult your Lawyer for sound legal advise.

Step 2:

When you are convinced, fill, sign and send the service agreement back to us via email.

Step 3:

We will generate your invoice and send to you via email. The invoice has our bank account details.

Step 4:

Make payment to Farm4Me’s parent company account (Vistawood Innovations). We will confirm the payment and revert immediately.

Step 5:

You will receive the payment receipt from us. We will create your account on our CRM portal.

Step 6:

Login with your email address and 123457890 as your default password. Change it immediately you login.

Step 7:

We will start farming for you starting with land leasing. We will regularly update you as your farming project progresses.


If the farm yield is low and the market price crashes, Farm4Me will pay you back your capital 100%.

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