How To Invest In Agriculture in 2020

Happy new year! 2020

Do you want to invest in agriculture in Nigeria this year 2020?

Do you want to be sure of your investment in agriculture?

I guess this is the reason why you are reading this article right now. I will take you through some essential things you need to know before you make that investment in Agriculture in Nigeria.

First of all, there are a lot of digital agriculture investment platforms now in Nigeria. You may become confused choosing which is right.

Kindly go through the links below to check out all the offers out there.

List of Digital Agriculture Investment Platforms in Nigeria:

  1. Farmcrowdy 
  2. Thrive Agric
  3. Farm4Me
  4. Growsel
  5. Zenvus
  6. Verdant Agritech
  7. Releaf
  8. Xtralarge Farms
  9. FarmCafe
  10. FarmSponsor
  11. Ogleji
  12. Agrecourse
  13. Agrorite
  14. PocketFarm
  15. Agrodomain
  16. Chubi Agro
  17. Farmer Outlets
  18. PayFarmers
  19. FarmFunded
  21. Cloud Farm Funds
  22. Viable X
  23. FarmCenta
  25. EZ-Farming
  26. Farmkart
  27. SmartFarm
  28. Farmkonnect
  29. Farmsquare
  30. Groupfarma
  31. Porkvest
  32. Nigeria Farmers Group
  33. EFarmers
  34. AgroXchange
  35. Farmally
  36. Kobo Farm
  37. Grow Crops Online
  38. Hello Tractor
  39. Afrimash
  40. AgricDemy
  42. Novus Agro
  43. Agroyields
  44. ePoultry.NG
  45. AgroNigeria.NG
  46. My Farm Base Africa
  47. Crop2Cash
  48. AgroInfoTech
  49. Farm Partner
  50. Agritech Nigeria
  51. Rice Invest
  52. Green Eagles Agribiz
  53. Abadini

If you went through all of the links above, you may be exhausted by now. But don’t be. You worked hard to make your money, you equally need to work hard to invest it. But don’t be in a hurry.

How To Know The Right Platform To Invest In:

  1. Check to know if they or their parent company are registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.
  2. Check to know whether their farms are insured by an Insurance Company. Leadway Assurance Company is the most popular for agriculture insurance in Nigeria.
  3. Read about the Founder(s). Get to know everything about them.
  4. Verify their registered business address or office address. If you are nearby, visit their office.
  5. Insist on signing an agreement with them.
  6. Request for the valid Identity card of the Founder or one or two of the Directors.
  7. Read through the lines to know their terms and conditions or disclaimers.
  8. Read online reviews about the digital agriculture investment platforms.
  9. Ask questions about them on forums like Nairaland.

How To Know The Best Investment Platforms:

  1. Don’t be quick to embrace mouth watering offers. Don’t go for high Return on Investments or Low return on Investments. Moderate ROI is okay.
  2. Find out if they actually farm with your money or not.
  3. Visit the farm as often as you can. Don’t outsource your farm visit, go yourself. If you don’t have time to go see how your farm is doing, then you have no business investing in farms.
  4. Ask your farming community intelligent questions about your farm. You could find the truth.
  5. Contact the Insurance Company to find out if your farm has actually been insured.
  6. Request for your farm insurance documents.
  7. Don’t accept any other bank account that is not bearing the name of the website except if it is spelt out that the website is owned by that company on the website and other documents.
  8. Ask if they have Commodity Off Takers that can buy the farm produce directly from them.

The Best Crops To Farm:

Farm crops that are in high demand. Crops that have ready buyers.

Find below Farm4Me’s hot on demand crops;

  1. Sesame Seeds
  2. Soya Beans
  3. Paddy Rice
  4. Sorghum
  5. Maize

Other crops may have high demands but the above crops are the ones that buyers are begging us to supply them.

The Best Livestock To Farm:

Farm4Me has not started livestock farming or animal production yet. But from our research and cross-platform inquiries, the following livestocks have market value:

  1. Chicken if there are Off Takers
  2. Turkey if there are Off Takers
  3. Catfish is in high demand.
  4. Pig is in high demand

What To Invest Your Money In:

  1. Investment in crop production is risky but rewarding. If you find an agricultural investment platform that can assure you of your capital no matter the farming outcome, embrace them.
  2. Buy farm produce during harvest and sell when the prices are high. This is more stable and rewarding that farming itself. It could have a down side if the market price crashes below how much you bought them. Always subscribe to daily prices platforms to keep pace with early warning signals.
  3. Consider selling directly to Off Takers instead of middle men. Platforms such as Viable X could connect you directly with Off Takers who buy your farm produce at good prices.
  4. If you have money, build warehouses. Agricultural real estates will be money spinners in the coming years.
  5. Invest in haulage services. Buy trucks or pick ups if you have the money. They will be in high demand soon. Let’s build the infrastructure that agribusiness services can thrive on. Kobo360 will help you to hire out your trucks.
  6. Buy improved seeds and supply smallholder farmers in exchange for bags of grains at harvest. Local farmers use old species that are almost dead, that is why they have low yield year after year.
  7. Buy tractors and other farm equipment and put them up for hire at Hello Tractor.
  8. Gather produce data from remote villages and sell them to agritech companies. Data is the newest gold.

Choose Wisely

The essence of this article is to guide you to make the right agriculture investment choice. This is no expert advise even though we’ve spent some good number of years gathering field intelligence.

It is your choice to make. Choose wisely!

We wish you the best in your agriculture investment endeavors in 2020.

Happy new year!