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How To Make Money From Agriculture in Nigeria

How To Make Money From Agriculture in Nigeria

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There is money in agriculture. Let no one deceive you in to thinking otherwise. Food is a primary need of human beings. So there is money in food production.

Money is made when you meet people’s needs. Money is the reward for solving people’s problems and meeting people’s needs.

So how do you make money from agriculture? It is in the following ways:

13 Ways To Make Money From Agriculture in Nigeria

  1. By farming. Start small and grow big. Start from your back yard. Start from your family land. Or beg neighbors to give you their bushy empty lands to cultivate.
  2. By farm labor. By helping people to clear their farmland. By helping people to plant seeds. To weed grassses. To harvest crops.
  3. By leasing your farmland. At Farm4Me, we lease lands from land owners and pay them either cash or in kind after harvest.
  4. By hoarding grains. It is an old trade. It will never fade away. Buy farm produce during harvests. Store the produce until the prices go up, then sell at better prices.
  5. By operating tractors and farm equipment. Yes, you can be trained by Farm4Me to become a Tractor Driver and Mechanized Farming Technologist.
  6. By processing food. Processed foods are costlier than the raw ones. Those who process foods are richer than those who farm them.
  7. By acting as a commodity broker. You act as a middle man between the farmers and the buyers. You can make good fortune from this. You even make more money than the farmer. Become a member of Viable X
  8. By building warehouses. There is a high shortage of warehouses. If you have warehouses now, you will make money.
  9. By buying trucks and putting them on hire at Kobo360.
  10. By buying tractors and putting them on hire at Hello Tractor.
  11. By selling farm inputs such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, improved seeds, etc to smallholder farmers.
  12. By training local farmers on modern farming based on global best practices.
  13. By vending digital technologies to local farmers.


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