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How To Raise Money for Farming in Nigeria

How To Raise Money for Farming in Nigeria

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The sad truth is that to raise money to farm in Nigeria is very difficult. Our commercial banks don’t loan farmers money.

The government has tried with the Anchor Borrower Scheme but it is not enough to go round all the people in need of capital to farm beyond subsistence level.

But instead of sitting idle and complaining. Instead of cursing Politicians who don’t give a damn about your welfare. try out the following ways you can raise money to start your farm.

8 Ways To Raise Money to Start Your Farms

  1. Sell something. Buy things that don’t require huge capital to buy and sell them to earn some profits. If you don’t have money, you have no choice to look down on selling things. Which is better; the shame of not having money or the shame of selling? I prefer the shame of selling. Sell things, save money and start that farm you’ve been planning to have.
  2. Beg family members, friends and neighbors. I say beg them for money. Tell them you want to start a farm and you need money. Livestock farming requires little capital to start small.
  3. If your family has a stool land, lease or sell a part to raise the capital to start your farm.
  4. If you have a smart phone, sell it and raise startup capital
  5. Try out loan apps and build your credit worthiness until its big enough to start your farm.
  6. Join a farming cooperative and donate your land to Farm4Me Clients. They will farm on it and share the profit with you.
  7. Get a paying job that will help you save money no matter how small the salary may be. It is better than not doing anything.
  8. Sell any precious thing you own or your family own to raise money to farm in Nigeria. With your family’s consent though.

If any of the above ways can’t help you raise money to start your farm, then your case is different. See your Pastor or Imam for counselling.

“Whatever your mind can believe and conceive, it can achieve it” – Napoleon Hill

Whatever your are conscious of, you attract.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is” – Holy Bible

“Life is not fair. Thought are things. Perception is everything”

Stand up and move towards your dream of owning a farm. Don’t give up until you win.


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  1. Izang says:

    I would have like to farm but capital is the measure problem now, if your land is not in a place that is not have road network? How would i do to load it

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