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How You Can Make Money From Farming As NYSC Corper in 2020

How You Can Make Money From Farming As NYSC Corper in 2020


This article is about how to make the most from your compulsory national youth service in Nigeria.

You have one year to engage in farming to raise startup capital to achieve your dreams.

The monthly allowance may be hard to save but not too small to own a farm.

I want to show you the easiest way to maximize your national service year to make money from farming in Nigeria.

The following are the 15 ways an NYSC Corper can make money from agriculture in Nigeria:

  1. Save a healthy percentage of your monthly allowance and other earnings for three months to raise some reasonable amount of money to start your farm.
  2. Approach the traditional ruler or any influential persons in that community and be bold to ask for a free farm land for farming. The chances are high that they may honor your request.
  3. If you are teaching in a secondary school, ask your students to assist you in cultivating the soil for you. Or you could also ask them for where to get livestock cheaply to rear.
  4. Ask of tractor owners nearby to assist you with tilling the soil if you don’t have human hands to assist you.
  5. Order for high yield or improved seeds to plant on your farm. Don’t buy the old, used and exhausted seeds sold in the local market. Order directly from seed suppliers online. We could supply you improved seeds anywhere in Nigeria.
  6. Apply liquid or organic fertilizer for bumper harvest. Use Super Gro or similar organic fertilizers.
  7. Spray your farm with the right herbicides or chemicals and be careful it is a chemical that won’t affect your crop. If the farm is not too big in size, get human labour to weed the farm. If it is too large, use spraying machine and herbicides to weed the farm.
  8. At harvest, seek the help of the community to help you harvest the farm. If it is too big a farm, we could supply you our harvesters.
  9. The top most selling crops are sesame seeds, soya beans, paddy or long grain rice and sorghum. Melon (egusi) and maize too are in high demand.
  10. After harvest, you can use Viable X to sell your farm produce at a good price. Escape middle men in the local markets and sell to commodity off takers directly to maximize profits.
  11. If the above mentioned points scare you from farming, then lets show you another secret.
  12. Save your NYSC allowance and wait for harvest, buy the farm produce cheap and hoard.
  13. Sell when the prices are high to make good profits.
  14. Keep the produce in a secured place especially the traditional rulers house or any where shown you by the community chief may be safe to keep them.
  15. Remember to sell when the price is high enough to make decent profit. Don’t be greedy and wait forever.

Short perfumes smell better. Let me stop here and give you enough time to ponder upon this.


Cheers to your success in Agriculture!

Adama J. Adama


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