Digital Farm Management

  • From land clearing to ridges to seeds planting to weeding to harvest, we manage our Client’s farm. Our farm management process is transparent.
  • We give you FREE land to farm. Employ labour on your behalf to till, cultivate and harvest your crops.
  • We give you the exact cost of labour and seeds. We also accept but with professional vetting your provision of improved seeds and agrochemicals. Labour is powered by the Youths and Women of the host community.
  • We allow farm visit as often as our Clients want.
  • We charge 10% of the total farm produce yield for our farm management services. It means you don’t pay us money for helping you to farm. And if the farm doesn’t yield bumper harvest, we also lose. It’s a shared success model.

Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service

  • Farm4Me is the No.1 Farm Equipment Sales and Rental Service in Nigeria.
  • Farm4Me in partnership with Farm Equipment Manufacturers, Leasing Companies and Government Agencies provide farm equipment sales and rental services in Nigeria.
  • Mechanized farming made easier and cheaper for Nigerians.
  • You can now rent Dozers (D7 and D8) for land clearing from us at a discounted rate.
  • You can now rent Tractors and Harvesters from us at a competitive rate.
  • You can hire Seed Planting machines from us from us at an affordable rate.
  • You can rent spraying machines from us at the cheapest rate in the market.
  • Contact us today to lease farm equipment from us.

Sales of High-Quality Produce

  • Farm4Me in partnership with Agricultural Research Institutes and Global Seeds Production Companies supply local small holding and large scale farmers with improved seeds for better yields.
  • Improved grains,tubers, legumes, vegetables and fruits.
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Agritech Consultancy

  • We are Agritech Consultants. We work with Individuals, Companies, Organizations and MDAs interested in agriculture.
  • We provide innovative solutions in modern agriculture by leveraging technology.
  • We believe that agriculture is 95% technology and 5% human inputs. So we advise and develop technological solutions to 21st century farming.
  • From digital technology to sophisticated agricultural technology that makes mechanized farming easier, smarter and better, we provide for our clients.