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Farm4Me is a contract farming platform. We are different from all the agriculture investment platforms out there. We are not into crowd farming.

We farm for people who love farming but don’t have the time to do it because of the nature of their work. Who is desirous of honest hands to help them manage the farm.

We make it easy for you to farm-it-yourself without getting dirty. We call it digital farming – your money farms for you.

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Our Processes


Step 1

Click on this Sign Up link, fill the form and you will be immediately taken to the dashboard.


Step 2

Fill the Contract Farming form in the dashboard. Kindly read the Service Agreement before you click on Invest Now.


Step 3

Enter your debit or ATM card details and make your payment online. This is automated and secured. Alternatively, you could do bank transfer and upload evidence of payment.


Step 4

The Finance Team will update your account immediately. For bank transfer only.


Step 5

You will receive the invoice, payment receipt, certificate of investment and farm contract documents from us in your dashboard. Download and/or print to keep as your evidence of investment.


Step 6

Login regularly to your dashboard to see notifications from us as we report your farm progress based on milestone reporting.


Step 7

After 6 months, you will receive credit alert from Farm4Me which includes your invested capital and profit.



If the farm yield is low and a crash in market price, Farm4Me will pay you back


your capital 100%.


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