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Start Farming In Benue State. Free Farmland Available

Start Farming In Benue State. Free Farmland Available

Farm4Me Start Farming in Benue State

There are legitimate ways to make money in Nigeria. Let me introduce you to one of such opportunities.
You can start your own farm and have full control over it. You are not co-sponsoring a farm to own a share of it after harvest. No, you own the farm. You decide what size of farm you want and the crop you are interested in.

There is a high demand for sesame seeds (beniseed) for export and local consumption. We just got an order to supply 30 metric tonnes of sesame seeds and are seriously sourcing for it. The Farmers farming sesame seeds are not enough to meet the market demand. You can also farm soya beans, rice, maize, sorghum, melon (egusi), cassava and several other crops. Just about any type of crops thrive well in Benue State.

Benue State is the food basket of Nigeria. It is not just a slogan or cliche. The state is blessed with fertile arable farmland. The land is green. The people are hospitable. Over 105, 000 hectares of farm land is available for farming.

How Does It Work?
1. Farm4Me is an online farm management platform. We help people like you who don’t have the time to farm to set up and manage your farm.
2. We work with 5 Farming Cooperative Aggregators who have 5,324 Farming Cooperatives and 52,345 registered small holder Farmers as cooperative Farmers who have made available over 105, 000 hectares of farmland for farming.
3. To get started, you fill this form here www,
4. We will get back to you immediately with the estimated cost of farming the land size you specified. It covers land clearing, tilling, seed planting, weeding, organic fertilizer application and harvesting.
5. Once you make payment, we start the farm.
6. You will follow your farm online via our Project Management dashboard, WhatsApp or SMS.
7. You can visit the farm anytime, any day you want. No booking of appointment with us. It is your farm.
8. If you can afford it, we will connect your farm to our online satellite farm monitoring platform to watch your farm grow until harvest.
9. After harvest, you earn 70% of the farm harvest, the Land Owner earns 10% of the harvest, the Cooperative Aggregator earns 10% for the land survey, access to the farmland and other services and Farm4Me earns 10% for managing the farm for you.
10. You could authorize us to sell your farm produce at prevailing market price or we ship the farm produce to you.

You could call or whatsapp this number 08064806168 when you are interested in farming in Benue State; +2348064806168.


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