The Heroes of Agriculture

Before the 60th independence celebration of Nigeria, we thought it wise to celebrate heroes both past and present that have contributed meaningfully to Agriculture. Nigeria Agricultural sector has not recognized any of her hero before. Every sector celebrate their achievement and their heroes. But none was found for the supposed eminent sector. Agriculture has contributed meaningfully to lives and the economy in the past, but it is the most relegated today.

The National Flag Colour Not A Mistake  

The National flag colour is Green and White, we believe it is not a mistake. The design of the national flag and the colour associated with us depict the fact that Agriculture is our number one source of income as a Nation. But we drifted into oil and other sectors. It is sad that we are yet to appreciate the importance of this sector.

Nigeria has over 37.7 arable lands, which is enough for us as a Nation to become the number one exporter of Agricultural produce to other countries. But the reverse is the case here. We are known as the number 1 importer of Agricultural produce.

Nigeria has the most fertile soil in the world. we have the most conducive weather  condition and good seedlings to compliment it. Our soil is so rich that any seed carelessly thrown grows and bear good fruits. That is how blessed we are as a Nation.

Why we Need to Celebrate Farmers and Embrace Agriculture as A Nation

  1. Availability of food

2. Availability of cotton

3. Availability of Books

4. Availability of Medicine

5. Production of fruits for wine.

The comfort we enjoy today is the sacrifices of farmers. They deserve to be celebrated and appreciated in our time. Today we celebrate our humble self farm4me, our partners and our competitors. We also celebrate the past heroes that contributed greatly to Agriculture in their time.

Together we can achieve SDG 2 Zero hunger by 2030. Join hands together with us @farm4me and viablex for sustainable Agriculture.