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There Is Money in Agriculture in Nigeria

There Is Money in Agriculture in Nigeria

there is money in agriculture in Nigeria

Don’t fold your hands and watch good money-making opportunities slip through your fingers.

Invest in food sufficiency in Nigeria and make money in the process.

This is about feeding the nation and making the money while you are at it.

Agriculture is huge and it has a lot of value chain.

If you are reading this and you are looking for a job, I encourage you to venture into agriculture.

If you are reading this and you are a civil servant, you can create another stream of income by investing in agriculture.

Look around you. What do people in your city need that are not readily available in that region? Find out where to source that particular food from another region. Source it and bring it to the region where a lot of people are looking for it.

Make your findings. There’s money in Nigeria. I mean, you can stay anywhere in Nigeria and be raking in serious money.

I know a young man. A former militant from Bayelsa. He traveled to a village in Nasarawa State. The villagers welcomed him and gave him some lands for farming. Today, he has a huge farm settlement covering over 3000 hectares of land where he farms and processes rice, rears livestock like cow, goat, turkey, chicken, etc. He has attracted investors and raised over 9 billion Naira in investments. He’s an inspiration.

Last year, I met a young man in Enugu. He is from Ikwo in Ebonyi State. He’s one of the big boys in rice business in Enugu. He farms and buys rice from farmers. He buys a 14-wheel truck load (800 bags) of rice from farmers every week.

Today, he was sharing with me how he was once a barrow pusher at Ogbete market in Enugu. He said that between 2011 and 2015, he was a barrow pusher. Until he used the little savings to start rice business gradually in 2015. Today, 4 years after, he’s a millionaire. I almost cried listening to his story today.

Listen to me. Find out what works and dive into it.

Value chain in Agriculture is huge. Find one that is very profitable and dive into it.

You can buy melon, maize, soybeans, onions, ogbono, palmoil, etc from places where they are farmed in large quantity and supply to regions where they are not farmed, but highly needed.

Even if you focus in going to village markets in Anambra, Imo and Abia to buy breadfruit (ukwa) and process it, you have a huge market in your hands. Ukwa is a premium food. Very expensive. You can fry and package it. So many people like eating nuts like ukwa in the office.

Technology has democratized making money on demand.

The 4 chickens I bought last Christmas, I got to know about the chickens on WhatsApp. A friend posted his mini poultry on his WhatsApp status, I quickly made enquiry and ordered for 4 chickens immediately.

You should be very happy that you are alive in this generation. Those village women in the rural areas don’t know what you know. Go to them and buy their agricultural produces. They will be happy and profitable at their level. Now, package the farm produces and take them where those women can never go.

As you grow, you can get people to help you. As I type this, I have people that aggregate rice for us in very interior village markets in the northern Nigeria.

Find a way to get your money work for you. Find a way to multiply your money and increase your earning power.

I stay in Aninri LGA of Enugu State. As the name suggests, Aninri (land of foods), this place is largest producer of foods in Enugu State.

There are people here that are dying in penury in the midst of plenty. I mean young boys that know about social media, but they rather be loitering in the village than exporting their foods to Lagos and Abuja and make money.

Always look for legitimate and profitable opportunity to improve your income.

Don’t be at the mercy of anyone. And don’t ever give up.


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