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We Manage Plantations and Large Farms for Clients in Nigeria

We Manage Plantations and Large Farms for Clients in Nigeria

we manage plantation and large farms for clients in Nigeria

We have identified a major need in Nigeria. Many families own plantations and large farms but have no time to manage them.

We have create a special team of Farm Managers to help this special category of farm owners manage their farms.

We want you to focus on what truly matters to you right now. It could be your full time job, your family, may be you are nursing your kids. Or your business pursuit. We will be able to take the burden of managing your farm off your shoulder by providing prudent and reliable farm management service.

We will sit down with you to draw out a strategic plan for your farm. What do you intend to achieve from the farm in the coming days, months or years? What is your financial goal for the farm? What are your present challenges? Where exactly do you want us to come in?

Once we have done the needs assessment and farm inspection, we will develop a strategic action plan document to follow religiously.

What The Farm Management Entails:

  1. Weed and pest management for greater yield.
  2. Pruning of the cash crops and other farm produce for more fruits bearing.
  3. Application of organic fertilizer to boost the yield.
  4. Modern harvesting techniques for maximum profitability.
  5. Packaging of the farm produce for durability and preservation.
  6. Marketing of the farm produce to Commodity Off Takers at good prices.
  7. Processing of the produce for more profitability.
  8. Provide adequate security against invasion and theft.
  9. Repeat success.

What Are The Thing We Manage?

We manage the following cash crops plantations and large farms;

  1. Oil Palm Plantation
  2. Plantain Plantation
  3. Irvingia (Ogbono) Plantation
  4. Cashew Plantation
  5. Cocoa Plantation
  6. Orange Plantation
  7. Mango Plantation
  8. Guava Plantation
  9. Pineapple Plantation
  10. Moringa Plantation
  11. Jathropha Plantation
  12. Sugar Cane Plantation
  13. Date (debino) Plantation
  14. Rubber Plantation
  15. Fish Farms
  16. Pig Farms
  17. Snake Farms
  18. Grasscutter Farms
  19. Poultry Farms
  20. Snail Farms

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have the above listed plantation(s) and you want us to take over the management.

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