Why Nigerians in Diaspora Need To Invest In Agriculture

Israel became one of the largest exporters of farm produce because Israelis in diaspora invested in agriculture. They contributed both capital and expertise to building their agricultural sector.

Nigeria is in dire need of agricultural investment from Nigerians in diaspora. Our nation is experiencing food insecurity right now. There is famine in the North Eastern part of the country. Lack of good food is across the entire country.

Together, we can achieve so much. We can change the tide. We can feed the nation and still make decent profits. Little funds in the West, can do so much in our homeland. You will be so shocked at what our collective funds can do to radically transform Nigeria’s agriculture.

The social impact could interest you. Your investment in agriculture will reduce hunger, poverty and joblessness. It will create jobs for vulnerable women and youths in rural and hard to reach communities in Nigeria. This is the best time to invest in Nigeria. Our Nation needs you now than ever. We are the generation that will fix agriculture.

How To Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria:

  1. You could buy farm equipment and ship them. We will help you lease them out to local farmers to enable mechanized agriculture. We will be remitting the profits to you based on an agreement.
  2. You could finance a farming project and we will help you manage it in an open and transparent way.
  3. You could develop capacity building modern farming courses and make them available for free online. Agribusiness training agencies would access it and train the local farmers.
  4. You could establish a food processing plant that will make use of farm produce as raw materials. This will create jobs for youths and women.
  5. You could start a commodity export company that will access international markets. This will empower small holder farmers and reduce food wastage and under-pricing.
  6. You could empower local farmers by distributing improved, high yield seeds. This will increase the quality and quantity of food production in Nigeria.
  7. You could create technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, precision agriculture to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our farming process. This will go a long way.
  8. There is so much you can do no matter how small you start.

If you are interested in taking this conversation further, you can call or whatsapp me on +2347000230230.

At Farm4Me, we are contributing our quota and seeing great results. You too can.

Let’s build the Nigeria of our dreams!


Adama J. Adama

Founder and CEO, Farm4Me